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Let me tell you a story

Great story coming 2023.


Creative by nature and driven by data, Marble has been the one-stop shop for legendary stories since 2017. Capturing the very essence of brands and translating it into marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and social media wisdom.

Fresh, creative and strategic. Our content is never without purpose. We’re not into the ‘throwing noodles at the wall and seeing what sticks’ business.

Things we can get sorted


Content creation

  • photography and videography

  • graphic design

  • copywriting

  • localisation UK-EN


Content strategy

  • brand strategy

  • (re)branding

  • social media strategy

  • consultancy


Public relations

  • PR Benelux

  • influencer engagement

  • event production

  • press releases


Digital advertising

  • social advertising

  • search engine advertising

  • campaign development


Social media

  • social media strategy and management

  • content creation

  • creative campaigns

  • influencer management

Our pride and joy

Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture
Team Culture

Eager to go the extra mile and never too serious: our team. It’s what makes Marble tick and our clients thrive.

We believe in the power of content, but we also believe in work-life balance and taking the odd basketball break. And what better place to do so than from our Amsterdam office, a stone’s throw from the Vondelpark.

Values and vibes

More than copywriters and brand specialists; we’re an agency with a personality of its own. That’s because our principles come first. We don’t always take the easy road, and we do love a brand with a similar attitude. Companies that are unshakeable, have a little sass and do good (or have every intention of doing so).

Now, let’s get social

Clients who are more than okay

By now, we’re just one project away from inviting them to our weddings. It’s a testament to how much we love working with them.

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