We can almost hear your brain cracking. You probably know by now, if you have been doing some reading on our page, that we are in the marketing business. And if you have been reading the what is content marketing page,  you understand what we mean with content marketing as well. So, at Marble Content Marketing, we create and optimize content for a diverse range of clientele. Cool. But where is the word ‘Marble’ coming from? What does this metamorphic rock have to do with the rest of it?

Valid question. Coming up with a good name is never easy. Too short, too long, not catchy enough, too catchy, already taken, etc. etc. It was at one of those early brainstorm sessies we had, somewhere in december last year, that we were dubbing about the name of our newly born business. Various names passed the review.

Black and white marble computer

Long story short: as the true Millennials that we are, our phones are almost glued to our hands. Wherever we go, those rectangular noise makers accompany us. So yeah, while we were sitting there, brainstorming and sipping coffee, our phones were laying there on the table. Upside down of course, we are polite like that. The covers of our phones where therefore clearly visible.

The coincidence was that the three of us all had similar phone cases. You already guessed it: Marble covers. And there it was, our brand new name. Marble is a very rare type of rock, often used as a building stone, mostly admired for its beauty. And once it stands, it is long lasting due to its unique qualities.

And that, my friends, fits our vision at Marble Content Marketing quite perfectly. We see the content we create for our clients as the foundation, the building blocks of the business. Block for block, week by week, a content strategy gets more and more body and eventually develops into a beautiful, long-lasting sculpture. A Marble sculpture, that we have crafted with passion for you, perfectly designed to your wishes.

Once it’s finished, all we have to do is admire its beauty. And a little maintenance is inevitable every now and then, which we are always happy to assist you with.

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