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2018 is already in full swing, and the field of SEO is only becoming more and more interesting. As search engines evolve, new opportunities arise for your SEO strategy and they are not necessarily related to your organic search results alone. It is important to establish how to combine the growth trends in this ever emerging field in order to make the most of your SEO results in the upcoming months.

Mobile First Index

Mobile is one of the SEO buzzwords of 2018. For good reason too; adapting your website for mobile devices can increase your conversion by 1,5 times. Predictions are that Google will soon launch its mobile first-index, which makes it even more important to step up the responsiveness of your site. The magic words for mobile optimization are speed and simplicity. Your site should have a quick loading time and content has to be easy to digest.

In addition, predictions are that the number of mobile purchases will also see a steady growth in the coming years. So, to sum it all up, mobile will remain a key factor in SEO optimization during the coming years.


Website pages with HTTPS will be displayed by browsers as safe and will, as a result, give more confidence to users that your site is a safe environment. Especially when your site has a function where visitors have to leave personal details, it is essential to make use of an HTTPS protocol. Chrome plans to restrict access to all non-HTTP websites due to safety reasons. Therefore, when dealing with personal data on your website, make sure that your website is translated to HTTPS.

Media monitoring

In normal life, you don’t always know what people say about you behind your back. But, in the internet sphere, nothing has to go unnoticed. With tools such as Google Alerts and Mention, you can easily track what your audience, competition, and the press is saying about you. Being on top of your industry trends has never been this easy.

Media monitoring is one of the most important free marketing tools, which strangely enough 70 percent of entrepreneurs don’t use to their advantage. This service, if used correctly, can be a source of new ideas, help increase traffic, improve your company, attract new customers, and double your income.

Behavioral factors

Your website content should be easy to read, easy to digest and fun enough to stay top of mind. There are different behavioral indicators that affect SEO, such as the time a visitor spends on your site, the bounce rate – how rapidly visitors leave your page -, and the average page depth – how many pages users visited. These indicators help search engines to establish which websites are popular among visitors and should, therefore, be displayed on top of the ranking, and which ones aren’t.

It is advisable to use surveys to indicate what your visitors think about your page. Also, Google Analytics is a useful tool to gain more insight into this field.

Want to know more?

This was just the tip of the iceberg; we have more tips on how to get the best SEO results. Contact us with any remaining questions, we are happy to help out.

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