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Design Academy Eindhoven

Reshaping design as we know it

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is a design school recognized worldwide for its forward-thinking and renowned professors and alumni who have made significant advances in the design field. Over the last 70 years, the academy has taught aspiring designers to think and create freely. Inspiring them to create with positivity top of mind; designing their way toward a better future.


Design Academy Eindhoven




Content strategy, Digital advertising, Social media

Design Academy Eindhoven is a place of creation, research, debate and radical differentiation in the field of design. Within their labs and studios lies the capability to reshape design as we know it.

A change of perception, online.
A modern and boundary-breaking academy such as DAE deserves communication to match. Instead of sharing content and news that has already been released; DAE needed to become a catalyst and a hub for knowledge. Challenging their audience to get in on the conversation and become a platform on which new ideas arise -taking the future of design one step further. However, finding the right way for an international academic institution to express itself is quite the challenge. That’s why Marble has been working side by side with DAE since 2019, taking their social media to a higher level (fit for an institute of its stature). From their social media strategy and guide to social advertising campaigns and aiding the massive growth in followers and interaction: Marble has been there every step of the way.
Marble x Design Academy Eindhoven
client portfolio Marble

Due to DAE and Marble’s joint efforts, the art academy now has over 74K followers on Instagram alone, inviting viewers daily to participate in the conversation 'design' that takes place in all kinds of forms on their social media platforms.

Numbers to back it up



  • On a limited budget, we reached nearly 2 million people with social advertising



  • Ever since implementing our social strategy, Design Academy gained 34.1K followers on Instagram alone

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