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Founded above a karaoke bar in the infamous Reguliersdwarstraat in Amsterdam, Marble was never scared of making a whole lotta noise. After perfecting our harmonies for seven years, this female-led agency has been in perfect sync with the industry ever since. (Just don’t judge our pitch after six wines!)

Even though this boutique agency has since left the most colourful street in Amsterdam, we’ve made sure to always keep that fierce attitude. Now located next to Vondelpark, we maintain our Amsterdam charm while serving clients both nationally and globally, embracing those who dare to be extravagant. Keep us on speed dial if you believe in powerful branding and speaking directly from your brand’s heart to millennial and Gen-Z audiences (Boomers, we see you too).



Holy Fools

The wild ones

Holy Fools: not a religious cult but one of the biggest players in the Netherlands regarding commercials and online video content. From crazy ads to touching videos – the Fools can do it all. That’s why it’s no surprise that huge companies such as Albert Heijn, ABN AMRO, and KPN always seem to find the Fools. They’re all seeking to have a little taste of Foolishness. Holy Fools isn’t like the others; they try to find the best possible angle without taking themselves too seriously.

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Holy Fools




Content strategy, Copywriting, Social media


Growing on social media, getting a little more online traction to their name, and branding that hits all the right notes and tickles all the right people. That’s what Holy and Marble have been working towards together.

Social fools
Two peas in a pod; it’s how we would describe Marble and Holy Fools. That’s why the socials haven’t been usurped by Marble but rather shared by both agencies; co-parenting their little baby. With this continuous collaboration, both parties dream up new concepts and content. The foundation of this marriage was laid out in a social media brand book, with baseline rules we both adhere to. But other than these few restrictions, Holy Fools has given Marble free reign to get creative and take things to the edge (and maybe a little over it too). Nice.
Marble x Holy Fools
Numbers to back it up



  • Growth of the interaction frequency by 395% on Instagram and 163% on LinkedIn - all organic, of course.



  • 39% more followers on Instagram and 34% more on LinkedIn



  • A total of reach of 327.011 in a niche market within the last six months

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