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Founded above a karaoke bar in the infamous Reguliersdwarstraat in Amsterdam, Marble was never scared of making a whole lotta noise. After perfecting our harmonies for seven years, this female-led agency has been in perfect sync with the industry ever since. (Just don’t judge our pitch after six wines!)

Even though this boutique agency has since left the most colourful street in Amsterdam, we’ve made sure to always keep that fierce attitude. Now located next to Vondelpark, we maintain our Amsterdam charm while serving clients both nationally and globally, embracing those who dare to be extravagant. Keep us on speed dial if you believe in powerful branding and speaking directly from your brand’s heart to millennial and Gen-Z audiences (Boomers, we see you too).




Get insured, 22nd-century style

Think insurance is boring? You better think again. Meet Lemonade, an American insurance company that believes insurance can be a little more modern. Just take a gander at their AI bot, which helps potential clients take out a policy in a flash. Or the way that they donate all non-claimed cash to charity. If that isn’t forward-thinking, we don’t know what is.

Lemonade Marble






Content strategy, Social media


Germany got first dibs, but now it’s the Netherlands’ turn to get a little sip of Lemonade. In order to ease the company into the Dutch market, we’ve supported them from 2020 onwards with Dutch marketing copy that perfectly captures the Lemonade tone of voice. From social ad copy to blog posts, we had them covered.

Avocado toast with a side of sarcasm
You guessed it; Lemonade’s target audience is the Millenial. These know-it-all, little rebels aren’t just into brunch; they’re also pretty aware of developments (and issues) in society. We’ve taken all of these characteristics in order to create a relatable, funny, conversion-boosting tone of voice. During our collaboration with Lemonade, we’ve tried to have an active role. Whether it be in the new campaigns or when creating online marketing materials, we aim to help out where we can with our Dutch copy and long-term vision.
Lemonade | Marble Content Marketing

Our collaboration reaches far beyond the launch of Lemonade in the Dutch market. We’ll continue to advise and support this future-driven insurer until there’s no more copy left to write.

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