The new digital age: a whole new ballgame

In the blink of an eye, social media has become the easiest way to bring a product or service to the attention of the masses. At this very second, 3.499 billion social media users are active and ready to be targeted. (read; influenced)

A golden opportunity right? Indeed, but as social media evolved, so did our approach. Every business owner, small or large, now wants a piece of the pie and the marketplace has become more saturated than ever.  Does that mean we should lay off social? Definitely not. Social media is a visual representation of your company and not only reflects trustworthiness, but it can also sell, engage and maintain customers; loyal or brand new.

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Now, for the tricky part; having a solid social media account proves that, once again, nothing worth having ever comes easy. In order to grow an account, it needs a lot of attention and nourishment. While all things social media used to be considered as a side job, it now keeps people on their toes 24/7. To be successful, you need to constantly feed your audience bits of fresh content, engage with them, dedicated community management and always stay up to date! And, it would be great if you could be innovative, on-trend and creative too whilst you are at it…

Now, ain’t got no time for that? We know. That is why we are to help. With an array of services at your disposal: 

  • Content calendars
  • Social media maintenance/community management
  • Customized photo filters
  • Social media management 
  • Social media Blueprint – our speciality

Content calendars

New, up-to-date content that’s easy on the eyes. Easier said than done right? With our content calendar service, you stay in charge of your social media accounts at all time and we’ll fill up your inbox on a monthly basis with ready-to-be-published material. The amount of posts is totally up to you.

Social media maintenance 

Say goodbye to planning in posts, monitoring, and checking those pesky DM’s every day. With our social media upkeep/community management, all of this will be a thing of the past. We will take over and keep your social media up and running. No message unanswered, no DM left unseen. We will ensure great service and keep you up to date on your community and its wishes. Your company’s online presence will be consistent and reliable. What’s not to want.

Social media management 

We’ll post, plan, monitor, and create activating content for you! Every month we will send you a tailor-made plan of action. After you give us the OK, you can lean back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, knowing that your social media accounts are flourishing. Think of us as an extension of your team. Long term or short term – we are more than glad to help.

Content Calendars

Original and up-to-date content. Oh, and make it creative, eye-catching, and gripping too, please. Consumers nowadays are -how can we say this nicely- tricky. Continuously delivering fresh content, that has value, is easier said than done. But consumers expect it to be there so you have to dive into content. Like it or not. Luckily there’s a way to make it easier. By using our content calendars you will keep a complete overview and control of your business’ social media accounts. We simply make sure that at the start of every month, there is a content calendar sent to you filled with ready-to-be-published content. The amount of posts completely depends on what is the best fit for the company.

Customized photos/filters

Does the most recent photo on your Instafeed date back to 2017? Or is your visual content in desperate need of an overhaul? No worries, we are more than happy to get behind the camera and hook you up with some amazing shots. Not only are we great at taking pictures, but we can also edit them at a professional level. No Snapchat filters here. We can create a custom made filter, tweaked perfectly to fit with your vision and message. This is the best and easiest way to create a consistent look on your Instagram feed with its own unique magic touch. Stand out from the crowd!

Social media blueprint

Sounds fancy, what is it? 

In short; everything you need to set yourself, or your social team, up for success. We start by analyzing you, your company, your values, your brand, your competitors; everything that makes your company truly unique. Then we set you up with a detailed social media brand book in which we specify aesthetics, calendar guidelines, tone of voice and general brand values. With this social media guideline, you will have a stable social strategy that everybody at your company – current or future personnel – can use.

Haven’t found your exact match? No worries. Mix ‘n match all of our social media services as you please. Just make sure to let us know.