Content Marketing

Since we’re strong believers that useful content should be at the core of your marketing efforts, it’s time for some clarification on the topic.  Most people know something about marketing. And most can come up with different types of content. But the two combined seems to be a tough one to digest.  That’s unfortunate, since traditional marketing isn’t the most profitable way to go anymore. So, here we are, to the rescue and with some explaining to do!  

Let’s start with the basics

First of all, a quick marketing 101. Marketing is all about how to reach an audience in the most effective manner possible. Making them aware of the uniqueness of your brand or product and actively getting them involved. Pretty cool job if you ask us. But okay, how does this relate to content? If we solely look at content we would define it as text or photographic matter in any form. Serving as both information and communication. And that is where marketing comes in. Because if you’re serving information to your clients anyway, why not do in the most effective way possible and gain something from it?

Whether it involves your social media posts, blog posts, press releases, brochures, emails, or website text – your content has to be of high quality, fun to read and easy to digest. And, surely, involve some sort of subtle strategic direction. This will not only increase your costumer retention, it wil also help you attract lots of potential new clients. When your content marketing is on point, you will see that your audience will actively participate and share your content with their peers.


“How nice would it be if your customers actually looked forward to receiving your marketing efforts? What if they want to absorb your content like a fresh beer on a warm, sunny afternoon?”

In a nutshell

In marketing terms, the real magic happens when you succeed in retaining the attention of your clearly defined audience. How can you make this happen? Involve content. By providing them with text, photos and videos your consumers actually want to read. Instead of just pitching your products or services, relevant and useful content provides you with the opportunity to retain existing clientele whilst actively gaining new ones. 

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